The numbers of slots available under the scheme are 200 per year.
The financial assistance available under the scheme is as follows:  
Fellowship @Rs.38,800 – 1st year
@Rs.40,300 – 2nd year
@Rs.41,900 - 3rd year
Contingency A @Rs.50,000 p.a. for three years
Escorts/Reader assistance @Rs.2000/- p.m. (fixed) in case of physically disabled candidates

HRA : 1). Suitable single-seated hostel accommodation may be provided to the candidates in the institutions. In such cases, the fellow is eligible to draw only hostel fees excluding mess, electricity, water charges, etc. A certificate to this effect is to be furnished through the Registrar/Director/Principal. HRA is not permissible for those candidates who are staying in Hostel accommodation.

2).In case of non availability of hostel accommodation, the fellow may be provided with single accommodation by the host institution. In such cases, the rent paid by the fellow on actual basis may be reimbursed subject to the ceiling of HRA as per Govt. of India norms.

3).If the fellow makes her own arrangements of accommodation, he/she may be entitled to draw HRA as per categorization of cities by the Govt. of India.